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Iluma购物中心就正是这样一幢空间整体规划设计极其到位,时尚概念和表现结合得恰到好处.Singapore is a garden city, urban ...


Singapore is a garden city, urban construction is very beautiful, which of course inevitably unique style, a strong sense of art and modern characteristics of the building, in addition to luxury and modern skyscrapers, some of Singapore's niche buildings are often designed to be particularly eye-catching, Iluma Shopping Center is just such a space overall planning and design is extremely well placed, the combination of fashion concepts and performances The overall planning and design of the space is extremely well done, combining the concept of fashion and performance in an appropriate manner.

Iluma商场位于新加坡著名的白沙浮街区(Bugis Street)201 维多利亚大街,目前艺术、教育及娱乐是这一街区的主要职能,Iluma商场则是一个集娱乐和零售于一体的大型综合购物中心,项目占地面积8920.5平方米,建筑面积为26761.5平方米,由新加坡最富国际名声的建筑事务所之一——WOHA建筑事务所担任总体设计。

Located at 201 Victoria Street in Singapore's prestigious Bugis Street neighborhood, where arts, education and entertainment are currently the main functions of the neighborhood, Iluma Mall is a large-scale mixed-use shopping mall with entertainment and retail, with a site area of 8,920.5 square meters and a floor area of 26,761.5 square meters, designed by WOHA Architects, one of the most internationally acclaimed architectural firms in Singapore. WOHA Architects, one of Singapore's most internationally recognized architectural firms, is the master designer.


In this modern commercial building, the whole is divided into two parts, a regular linear block and an irregular curvilinear sculptural form, both of which form colorful spaces where the straight lines contrast with the curves. The regular element accommodates parking, retail, a movie theater, and performance space, while the irregular element accommodates smaller retail and entertainment activities along a walkway.


The curvilinear building façade is a highly artistic crystal media mesh wall façade, designed in a three-dimensional pattern, the mesh consists of small faceted jewel-like objects, these crystal mesh made of polycarbonate material not only give Iluma the ability to express itself dynamically and respond dynamically to the ever-changing internal activities, but also allow the building to shine, which in effect places energy-saving bulbs in a custom-designed crystal media in custom-designed mirrors that can be controlled by software. The crystal media façade was treated by the architects as stacked, undulating strips, with void spaces forming overhanging gardens and terraces. It sparkles during the day and emits brilliant colors at night.


Overall, the overall design and planning of the project are very well in place, in this era of "face", Singapore's architecture is early in the forefront of fashion, the architectural features are very distinctive, both external and internal are impeccable, in this regard, Singapore has done both internal and external cultivation, is worthy of one of the world's most internationalized countries.

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